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About Big Time Bail Bonds LLC

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Big Time Bail Bonds LLC was established by Ryan Weekley, in 2006 and aims to offer fast and friendly bail bond services round the clock. When you or a loved one is arrested and you don't know what to do, our bail bondsmen can help.

In some circumstances, bonds are already set while in others, clients will have to appear before a judge to set a bond. Defendants can then post bail and get released.

We will help you get all the necessary documentation for the courts so you or your loved one will get a bond for 10% called a surety bond, and be released. As a co-signer for your bond, we ensure the defendant goes to court on the set date. On the other hand the defendant needs to go to the court on the given dates until he / she is sentenced, the case is dismissed, or a diversion is signed. 

If you have any questions regarding your bond, we are available 24/7 and offer FREE consultations.
Bail Bond Services
bail bond services

Learn About the Types of Bail Bonds

City bonds are issued by the municipal court, which allow you to either pay the full cash amount to the jail or pay 10% of the surety bond with the bondsman. 

The City of Topeka Municipal Court allows you to decide if you want to pay the jail the full cash amount or pay the surety amount to the bondsman.
bail bond services
A county bond is issued by the district court and can be set for either cash or a surety amount. 

Your friends and family can choose to pay the whole amount in cash to the jail, or pay the surety amount, usually 10%, to the bondsman.
OCRD bonds, or Own Recognizance Cash Deposit bonds are paid directly to the jail. The OCRD bond is surrendered to the courts if the person fails to appear before the judge. 

If you are released on an OR bond, you will be released from jail and must appear in court or court is within their rights to forfeit the amount and issue a bench warrant.
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