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If you're looking for a professional bonds person, get in touch with Big Time Bail Bonds LLC. We have the skills and the knowledge to handle all your bail bond requirements. Trust us to provide you with confidential assistance. Contact us today for more information. 

Our Services

Interlock Devices:
An Interlock is a breath alcohol analysis device that is installed in your vehicle. It prevents an intoxicated person from starting the ignition. All data gathered by this device is provided to the designated authorities and proves compliance. 
Advantage Ignition Interlock
Click the link above to find out all the information about the Interlock Device. Schedule an appointment to get it installed today. 
We also offer service for:
  • GPS tracking
  • County and local, city, traffic, appearance, and any size bonds
  • Immediate release arrangement
  • All offenses / felonies and specific charges listed – murder, drunk driving, domestic violence, assault, burglary, drugs, weapons, sex-crimes, robbery, and more
  • Free bail advice
  • Attorney referrals
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